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Metabolic Elite™ is committed to being the leading provider of nutrients, information, and education targeted to elite performance and recovery for athletes of all levels.

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Metabolic Elite™ commonly works with three core demographics: Individuals, Athletes, and Coaches. Each of these groups have distinct needs and requirements when it comes to performance enhancement, recovery, and overall health. By catering to these specific demographics, Metabolic Elite can tailor its products, information, and education to address their unique concerns and goals.


Individuals looking to improve their overall health, fitness, and well-being. People who live a highly active, competitive, fitness driven lifestyle.


Amateur and professional athletes who are seeking to enhance their performance and recovery, committed to maximizing their training regimens and performance level in efforts to achieve the pinnacle of their sport.


Coaches who are working within team sport and those who work with individual athletes, who are responsible for designing and tracking the performance of the athlete throughout their careers.

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Quality Supplements

Premium line of supplements crafted to meet the exacting standards and specialized needs of elite athletes, ensuring optimal performance support.


Coaching Strategy

Our educational resources, developed by professional coaches and practitioners, are tailored to provide cutting-edge strategies for peak performance coaching.

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James B. LaValle

R.Ph., C.C.N. M.T. DHM, DHPh.

Mike Potenza

Director of High Performance, San Jose Sharks

Meet Our Dream Team: Elite Coaches and Integrative Health Practitioners!

Our team comprises a dynamic fusion of real-world elite coaches from professional sports and seasoned educators in the field of integrative medicine, collectively dedicated to enhancing your performance and well-being.

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5 Pillars of Metabolic Elite

The “5 Pillars of Metabolic Elite” form the foundation of our approach to peak performance and wellness:

Elevate your physical potential and push beyond limits with our growth-focused strategies and supplements.

Build resilience, prevent injury, and maintain peak condition with our durability-focused solutions.

Fuel your body from the inside out – optimize gut health and digestion for superior performance.

Sharpen your mind, enhance focus, and unlock mental fortitude with our neuro-cognitive support.

Maximize recovery and rejuvenation for sustained excellence on and off the field with our restoration protocols.

Watch the methodology and process behind our elite strategy.

Metabolic Elite Supplements

Explore our selection of featured products designed to amplify performance, accelerate recovery, and elevate your athletic potential.

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Our clients share their experiences of transformation and growth. Unfiltered feedback and the true testament to our service quality.

It is the only thing I have ever taken where I felt like my cognitive ability is drastically improved. It has sharpened my ability to everything from recalling information from memory, removing brain fog and to articulating my words speaking to an Audience. Absolutely one of a kind product and supplement.
Jared Myatt
Former Director of Strength at Northwestern State University and Former Ast. Strength Coach at Texas Tech University
It’s been working really well with me and has been a blessing given my current workload and the need for a clearer/ sharper mind. Definitely noticed a difference when I forget to take it in the morning and end up taking it later in the day.
John Krzyszkowski
PHD biomechanist
Synapsin LPT has changed my life. As a high school football player with a history of concussions, I have some recall problems during high stress times at work, but since I’ve started supplementing metabolic elite’s Synapsin LPT, I’m remembering things with less effort and more accuracy.
Scott Ramsey
Strength Coach Texas Tech
Trusted By Professional Coaches

James B. LaValle

R.Ph., C.C.N. M.T. DHM, DHPh.

is an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, and board-certified clinical nutritionist, with over 40 years of clinical experience in natural products, lifestyle, drug/nutrient depletion, compounding pharmacy and peptides.  LaValle is currently the Chief Science Officer for Life Time and is best known for his expertise in performance health and integrative care.

He has served thousands of patients, using his metabolic model for health, at his clinics in Orange County, CA, Austin, TX and formerly at LaValle Metabolic Institute, in Cincinnati Ohio.   His focus both in clinic and enterprise platforms is to uncover the underlying metabolic issues that keep people from their peak health and resiliency. 

He is the founder of Metabolic Code Enterprises, a cloud-based health technology that helps practitioners and individuals pinpoint the metabolic roadblocks to health based on a symptom survey, lab markers, biometrics, and wearable data.  This groundbreaking assessment tool incorporates some 40,000 decisions, prioritizing networks of metabolism that are the most out of balance and provides suggestions for dietary supplements, diet and other targeted interventions and  lifestyle suggestions with the goal of building metabolic reserve, resiliency and vitality.

In 2010, Jim and his team developed personalized weight loss and wellness programs for Lifetime Fitness using his Metabolic Code approach for health and wellness.  He was the clinical director for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Performance Health Program. Organizations including Corvette Race Team, Orlando Magic, Chicago Blackhawks, San Jose Sharks, Golden State Warriors, Austin FC, and Colorado Rapids have relied on his expertise for performance, resiliency and return to play programs.

Mike Potenza

Director of High Performance, San Jose Sharks

Mike enters his first year as the Director of High Performance for the San Jose Sharks after being with the Golden State Warriors the past two seasons serving as the Director of Performance.  He was in charge of the planning and physical training of the players, provided support to GSW’s performance nutritionist, coordinated and administered the yearly performance testing schedule, created return from injury programs for the athletes, and worked closely with the coaches and development staff on daily scheduling. 

Before going to the Warriors, Mike spent 16 years in the NHL with the San Jose Sharks.  His prime responsibilities as Director of Strength & Conditioning were in the areas of performance enhancement, reconditioning the athletes after injury, nutrition, performance assessment, NHL combine evaluations, player physical development planning and Training Camp testing.  He managed a staff of three strength coaches at the NHL and minor league levels.  

Mike served as Vice President of the NHL Strength Coaches Association from 2015 to 2019 and the President of the Association from 2019 to 2022.  He was the main point of contact between the league and its Performance Coaches on all issues relating to training, performance testing, COVID protocols, the Combine format, and equipment standardizations for visiting teams. 

During Mike’s time in San Jose, he worked closely with two United States Air Force Pararescue teams within the National Guard Bureau on implementing a Performance Enhancement Program for its operators.  The programs were initiated for the 131st Rescue Squadron (California) in 2009 and for the 212th Rescue Squadron (Alaska) in 2012.  The Performance Enhancement Program model has now become a standardized program among all 5 National Guard Bureau Pararescue teams. 

Prior to coming to the Bay area, Mike served as the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Men’s and Women’s hockey teams at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) from 2003 to 2006.  In 2006, both teams won the Division 1 National Championships.  

Mike is a graduate of Springfield College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Exercise Science. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Potenza earned a Master’s degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Human Movement Science from Boston University.  While at BU he held a graduate assistant position within the Strength and Conditioning department working with all twenty-one Varsity intercollegiate sports. 

Mike and his wife Bonnie reside in San Jose with their three children, Griffin, Natalie and Luca.